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ShowXPress 512 DMX Signal to

Postby troy bullock » 18 June 2018, 21:35

I just purchased the ShowXpress last week and Im having a small issue with it to which I have tried just about everything I can think of. Im not a novice tech, Ive been running DMX lighting for years and have never encountered the problem I'm experiencing.

My rig runs about 14 Par 64's, a 6spot, ColorPix, some Flat Pars, Hurricane 4D, some 4 color Lasers and 10-10Wrgbw Mini LED motion spots. The only lights on the DMX chain to not receive a DMX signal. There are 4 Pars in the DMX chain before these lights that receive a signal, uninterrupted and work just fine as do the other lights and lasers within the chain. Its not the profile created, yes the dmx is selected, no its not the high end DMX cables I use all have been tested, no there isn't any loose connections, yes all lights are MODED to 13 Channel and are properly functioning....all 10 DO NOT RECEIVE a signal but every other light does. Yes Ive put the light on a dmx cable by itself and still no signal so its not a weakened signal due to DMX length 8-) The light IS generic but you had a profile created that pretty much was in line just needed minor changes. Like I have said the profile isn't the problem because every other light on the chain's little flashing red dot flashes even without a profile. A DMX Data signal out or source doesn't need a profile either it has it or it doesn't. I have also connected these lights to other lighting controllers and interfaces and they work fine.

Need to know if this software has this same issue with other lighting as I have searched a lot of the forums and haven't seen a fix or even a post stating that some lights are working and others are not. Thanks
troy bullock
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Re: ShowXPress 512 DMX Signal to

Postby TimH » 19 June 2018, 00:35

Hey mate,

Looks like you've done a pretty good job troubleshooting already. The only thing I can think of (because I have experienced this before) is that it's the number of fixtures in the chain. The D512 does not output a very strong signal compared to other DMX products. I always plug into an optical isolator/splitter before going to the rest of my universe to boost the signal. It sounds like though you have already tried running the light by itself with nothing else plugged in? (If I'm not mistaken).
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Re: ShowXPress 512 DMX Signal to

Postby algersignworks » 17 July 2019, 13:53

Hi Troy,
I read about your DMX lighting problem on the forum. Like you I tried everything (and then some) including replace interface box, rewiring my cables, hooking them up one at a time using short cables, trying all different cables. I also added an isolate splitter amp, didn't work. You tried everything I did, I just could not find a solution for direct wiring. Only the 10W rgbw Mini LED motion spots that are giving me the problem sounds like we have the same brand and type. (yes, red DMX dot not flashing etc).
The only way I could get these lites to work was to use a wireless transmitter and receiver, and strangely, they work fine now and I have not had a single problem since. They still don't work directly wired. There are many inexpensive transmitters and receivers on Amazon, and the ones I got, work with absolutly no problem. Going wirelessly is so much better, I have no trouble with range, no need WiFi, no erratic behavior. Going wirelessly is also a lot less setup time, no cables strewn all over. The transmitters I use are adapter powered (they need the extra power to transmit), and receivers are battery powered. I get good battery life with them. I can do a whole show before recharge. Or the receivers can be used with adapters during show, so I don't worry about running batteries out. They are so inexpensive now, I carry extra transmitters and receivers just in case.
So Troy, let me know if this helps, (or maybe you already figured this out). Also, let me know if you came up with a solution for direct wiring. There are still times I would like to be able to direct wire, say, for practice at home in my shop.
Contact me if you want to know the brand of tranmitters and receivers I use, and I can also tell you my experience with them and some extra tips for using them.
Hope this helps, -RON-
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Re: ShowXPress 512 DMX Signal to

Postby LightWorx » 18 July 2019, 00:34

I've seen something very similar where certain DMX devices would not work. On some equipment the D+ pin and the D- pin are reversed. Try making a cable as a test for the fixtures that do not work and roll those two pins. Leave the ground pin where it currently is connected. Typical wiring has Ground on Pin1, Data - on pin 2, and Data + on pin 3.
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Re: ShowXPress 512 DMX Signal to

Postby algersignworks » 18 July 2019, 07:38

Thanks Lightworx.
- - That was my very first suspicion so I did that. Didn't work. I tried everything I thought possible, hooking only that fixture type by itself, different cables, short cables, an isolater splitter amp, etc, like Troy said, the DMX LEDs on all my fixtures flash except the mini moving spots when my Xpress-512 box connects, no flashing. Here is what's confusing. I have some other brands of interface boxes Enttec and software etc, all my fixture including troubled mini moving spots, the DMX LEDs flash showing they are receiving DMX signal, and they all work normally with their boxes and software. Just Xpress-512 box is where I have trouble with my mini spots. All other fixtures of various brands and types work fine with Xpress-512 box.
- - Iv'e tried all the different setting in Showxpress software, used different versions v7.x all they way to current version. tried different profiles (I learned right away how they work and rewrote them also). But I know it is not any of those things, because, before anything works the box and lites have to connect with DMX LEDs flashing, and they don't do that. So the box and mini lites are just not communicating.

My tech at Chauvet was working with me and had quite a few suggestions. But interestingly I had already tried these things before I contacted him. He said they had never run into that problem before. Finally he had me send the box directly to them, and they tested it, and it was fine. But they sent me a new one anyway (thanks to my tech and Chauvet). But unfortunately the new one did the same thing.

So it seems only my mini spots are the problem. Like Troy also said, mine are inexpensive generic brand (probably made in China). Other than with the Xpress-512 box they accually work very well. I have had them a long time and have never had any trouble with them.

So the only thing I figured out was when I use Xpress-512 box and Showxpress, was to go wirelessly, and everything works great. So now I do all my stuff wirelessly including all my other equipment and software, because it just plain works better anyway and is so much better for show setup. I was worried I would not be able to use Showxpress with my lightshow because I really like it the best of everything I have. But now with wireless I am very pleased how things turned out.
- - I still would like to wire direct when I'm in my shop for practice and programming. But if I can't at least the wireless method with Xpress-512 box works fine.

Thanks again Lightworx. If you or any one else has any other Ideas I'm open to them. Thanks again -RON-
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