Remove 10 fixture rule!

usb to dmx - 100 dmx channels only for Windows (2011 - 2019)

Remove 10 fixture rule!

Postby fabio1605 » 08 September 2019, 15:30


I know there is a business reason for the 10 fixture/100 dmx channel for the dongle, obviously its a lot cheaper! but the 10 fixture thing is just annoying espically when as you know it can be worked around by combining fixtures to make 1...

it just seems a silly limitation to impose, at least lift it to 20 , espically when are limited to 100dmx channels anyway, these dongles are 150£-200£ anyway, its not like they are THAT lite.

Hopefully support can try fight this for us!
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Re: Remove 10 fixture rule!

Postby support » 08 September 2019, 18:12

Sorry but this interface is discontinued.
Please note that there is now a new interface called "D512S" with same features than the old "D512" which is more affordable.
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