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Re: MIDI clock issue???

Postby Luc Henrion » 29 April 2020, 08:05

So, if I guess it right, you're working on a Mac, and you're asking him to manage everything: audio, effects (audio effects I suppose?), lyrics and lights... Maybe it's just too much or you should optimize something ? Sorry, I'm not very Mac proficient, but some audio effects (VST or AU) can be very CPU hungry
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Re: MIDI clock issue???

Postby zorpiedoman » 30 April 2020, 21:15

So I gave up on this. there does not seem to be a reasonable solution... I found that I can do almost the same thing on the timeline right inside of ShowXpress... however that has it's own issues. See my latest post:
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Re: MIDI clock issue???

Postby zorpiedoman » 30 April 2020, 21:19

Luc, No I'm not using a Mac, but it doesn't matter because it is a separate external device so it is not the same machine trying to do everything. Beside I can SEE the MIDI messages come in exactly on time in ShowXpress... they just don't play through to the lights correctly.
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Re: MIDI clock issue???

Postby support » 04 May 2020, 13:41

Please read this for more details about midi and buttons in Live: ... =72&t=6714

Please note also that switching on/off buttons with Beat is not advised.
For that, we suggest to use "Beat to steps" functions (popup menu on button > "Speed properties").
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Re: Triggering Live butons with Beat

Postby thorehl » 05 May 2020, 18:55

Why do you have lights changing at 0.0042s?
That's just silly expecting software and hardware to react that fast.

Fast in my shows are something like 0.05s, and often I add 1-1.7s off fadeout after a flash of white so the eyes of the audience can catch up. And the fact that FOH is often 15-25m away from the stage, and sound doesn't travel as fast as light (sound at 343m/s versus light at 299792458m/s). With 25m to FOH (or the listener), it takes the sound 142ms or 0.142s to reach the ear. Light on the other side is on the other side of the country in 0.142s. So, put this into context, your lights are turned on, and off again way before the triggered sound reaches the listener.
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