How to check the dmx output of our interface

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How to check the dmx output of our interface

Postby support » 30 January 2011, 19:40

1. check the software welcome screen shows "interface xxx found" (you can recall the welcome screen with the main menu "About")
For Windows only: if not, find your DMX interface in the "Windows Device Manager" and follow this to manually install the driver: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2111

2. check the "PC link" LED of the dmx interface is flashing (if your light has a LED which flashes with incoming dmx signal, you can check this to)

3. in Editor > Steps, switch on the dmx button, move some faders, and check your light is responding to the faders

4. if your fixture is not responding, check the channels are moving in the "DMX bargraph" (from software's main menu)

5. if the channels are moving in the "DMX bargraph", replace the dmx cable from the dmx interface to light, and have only one light connected

6. if the light is not responding, please return the DMX interface to your retailer for maintenance service.
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