Chauvet DJ - Gigbar Move + ILS (EUR) (52ch)

ask here the fixture profile you need for Editor
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Chauvet DJ - Gigbar Move + ILS (EUR) (52ch)

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In Europe the Gigbar Move + ILS has 52Ch, not the 50 on the standard fixture profile. I'm guessing the 50 -> 52 is because of the difference in laser fittings for teh US & EUR markets.

I have modified my fixture profile to add 2 more laser channels at Ch33 & Ch34 but it would be nice if there were a EUR version of the fixture profile in the software to save someone else the learning curve.


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Re: Gigbar Move + ILS (EUR) - 52 Channels

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This is done.

Remark: we suggest we build 8 separate profiles for a better control with our software.
Please let us know whether you are interested.
The Lighting Controller
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