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ShowXpress 8.2.4 - control via tablet?

Posted: 03 May 2023, 19:56
by ricstudioc
Howdy folks -
Back in 2016-ish i configured a modest light system for the band I was with, went with ShowXpress on a Win7 lappy to control. Triggered either from the laptop itself, or mapped an Ableton matrix controller via midi to various scenes. All good so far.

Fast forward till now - I left the band (on very friendly terms) a few years back, recently they came to me and asked if I could implement tablet-based control of the lights. I've been looking into that, and based on some poking around it looked like it was possible, BUT:

Every tutorial I've watched seems to begin with opening up the Control Board in ShowXpress (SX from here out) to adjust various network/IP settings. Here's the problem - my version of SX, 8.2.4 161215 doesn't display a Control Board, nor can I find it in the menus. When I open SX I get the little black-box-with-color-stripes window, which then closes as the program launches. Clicking "about" in the help menu just brings up that same window. The Control Board window I've seen on various tutorials is that same black splash box, but with various options arrayed around the perimeter. Best I can tell till now, no such window is available to me.

Neither File>Preferences nor Live>Settings seem to offer any reference to remote control. The File>Network tab shows Software, External App, and ArtNet fields, none of which seems to appear in any of the tutorials I've watched. Their screens show ControlBoard, Screen Control, and Live fields.

These tutorials go back as far as Ver 6.x (though very few specify which version they're running) so I'm fairly certain it's not a "your version is too old" problem. SO -

- Is it there, and I'm just not finding it?
- Was remote control disabled in my version?
- Is there some extension I'm missing and need to download?
- Am I a moron? (Willing to discuss that possibility)

I'm trying to avoid having to move to a different package for lighting control, there's literally months of programming work sitting on the lappy and I'd rather not have to start from scratch. So any/all assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks folks!


Re: ShowXpress 8.2.4 - control via tablet?

Posted: 03 May 2023, 22:36
by support
V8 has been replaced by V9 in middle of year 2018.
The last version of Live Mobile has been released in December 2018.
The current version of Live Mobile works exclusively with V9. ... 985#p24765

You have to switch to V9 in order to use Live Mobile.
Sorry for that.

The tutorial:

Re: ShowXpress 8.2.4 - control via tablet?

Posted: 03 May 2023, 23:09
by ricstudioc
Thanks for the info - am I correct that V9 only runs on Win10 and up? Or is Win7 still viable?

Thanks again


Re: ShowXpress 8.2.4 - control via tablet?

Posted: 04 May 2023, 07:34
by support
It is possible with Win7 but it is a nightmare to update the OS.
Please read this for more info: ... f=7&t=7525

Re: ShowXpress 8.2.4 - control via tablet?

Posted: 05 May 2023, 21:10
by ricstudioc
Thanks so much for the info, my friend - it is truly appreciated. I'll figure it out from here.