3 Channels Only

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3 Channels Only

Post by ClassicRocco »

I have the XPress-Plus USB-DMX interface, SlimPar56 lights, and ShowXPress on a Laptop.

After my last show, I turned everything off, where it sat for 5 months.

Now, my lights will only respond when set as a 3-channel address. This happens from 2 different laptops.

I have replaced cables, updated the driver, created a new blank light show, even tried the new update to ShowXPress.

I don't see a reset button on the lights or on the DMX interface.

The only thing I can't swap out is the DMX interface since I only have 1.

Is this a failure mode that anyone recognizes? Am I missing something?

Luc Henrion
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Re: 3 Channels Only

Post by Luc Henrion »

I would suspect an issue with the SlimPar56 7 channels mode... are you sure the dimmer (ch7) is at 100 %, while channels 4 to 6 are set to 0 ?
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