Where is the Rack sold?

usb to dmx - 19'' rack - 16 flash buttons - dmx input - calendar (2012 - 2019)
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Where is the Rack sold?

Post by bakerstone »

I am new to this so please be kind ;-)

As far as I understand things the ONLY way to get DMX In to Show Express is to use a Rack interface as the Enttec unit I have is not compatible.

If that is correct where do I buy the Rack unit I need. I am based in the UK but the project is in Cyprus.

Alternatively is there another way of getting DMX in to Show Express - maybe via ArtNet of KlingNet. We also have KlingNet running from Arkaos on the same server and can trigger Arkaos from Show Express quite succesfully.

Many thanks

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Re: Where is the Rack sold?

Post by JohnRichards »

You can use many of their intefaces, Cable 100, Dmx512, Dmx512Plus, and /or rack depending on your requirements.
I would presume you can purchase these from any outlet that also sells Chauvet Lighting products.
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Re: Where is the Rack sold?

Post by support »

Sorry buy we (support) can not help regarding sales.
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Re: Where is the Rack sold?

Post by SeekLighting »

Hi Bakerstone,

You are correct that the rack interface is the only way to get DMX in to the software using hardware DMX, but I have not tested with Artnet. I would suggest trying to use Artnet first.

[moderated by support] please use this forum only for technical discussions.

So I'll loop back to the start of my post and say that Artnet is probably your best option!
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