the Macro buttons are ready in Live

the Macro buttons are ready in Live
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the Macro buttons are ready in Live

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The biggest news is the Macro buttons are ready in Live.

Here is the complete changelog:
Editor - keep up/down fader's arrow pressed scrolls up/down the fader's knob
Editor - display part of channel name when no icon available
Editor - "new scene" action does not remove the selected group
Editor - all steps functions in popup menu
Editor - new buttons "move step up/down"
Editor - "paste step" replaces the current step (no step insert)
Editor - faders work with multi RGB fixtures
Editor - keyboard shortcuts
-- <ctrl -> -> delete step
-- <ctrl c> -> copy step
-- <ctrl v> -> paste memorized step
-- <ctrl i> -> insert step
-- <ctrl +> -> add step
2DView - option "invert selection" and "select none"
2DView - keyboard shortcuts
-- <ctrl a> -> select all
-- <ctrl e> -> select even
-- <ctrl o> -> select odd
Generator - lock pan&tilt options
Generator - works with multi RGB fixtures
Live - button "Macro" (to trigger several buttons with one single "Macro" button)
3DView - "Custom texture" load option in "Stage Setting" (saved in the lightshow)

Version 6.23 beta1 is available here: http://download.thelightingcontroller.c ... ware/beta/
Please make a backup of your lightshows before trying this version.

Please make posts regarding this beta version exclusively in this section.
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