Lightshow: Luktelk! (from 3DView on an airplane to a real room!)

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Lightshow: Luktelk! (from 3DView on an airplane to a real room!)

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Hello, forumers!
I am back, and for once I am posting a non-3DView lightshow on the forum :lol:
Here's the link:
I've been using the software for real gigs of different sizes for the last couple of years and so far I loved it. This lightshow is just a fun little project I got the chance to film.
While commuting between countries and waiting for a flight I got bored, so took out my laptop, downloaded the Eurovision opening theme and the music with the airport WiFi just in time for boarding and started to program once airborne. The result is this little fun show I got to check on the go a couple of times before recording it on an iPhone.
Sure, different details should be refined... from fade times to move-in-black moments - but I'm honestly pretty satisfied with the result! :mrgreen:

The Song:
Luktelk by Silvester Belt (Lithuania at Eurovision 2024)
I like the changes in the energy through the song and the dance break. The audio is from the national final performance.
Additionally, I've used the postcard theme and the (fantastic) stage-ready sound from this year's Eurovision.
Yes - the whole lightshow was just an excuse to play with the "stage ready" :D

The Room and the Setup:
It's the second room of a much bigger venue in Milan, we informally call it "the bunker". A good friend of mine renovated the audio and lighting system at the beginning of the season. I often use the Bunker as my "testbed" and "playground" room for my busking show.
Fixture list:
[?]x light bulbs on 4 different dimmer pack channels, distributed randomly on the ceiling
[4]x Stairville Wild Wash 648
[12]x Varytec HeroWash7112 RGBW Zoom
Additional fixtures I have programmed, but not used in the video:
[2]x lasers DjLase150-R MkIII
[2]x generic RGB par to illuminate a small stage in front of the DJ booth
My lighting setup: a Lenovo touchscreen laptop, AKAI APC Mini MkII, D1024 interface for Sweetlight V9

The Timeline and 3DView:
I'd say that 99% of this show uses the same scenes I had in my normal busking page, with the only exception being the "Eurovision-themed" colour effects for the intro/outro sequence. Here's a look at the (very simple, compared to my previous lightshows) TimeLine.

Here's a look at the 3DView:

And a quick video of inflight lighting programming (feeling like the famous YouTuber and LD Christian Jackson) :lol:

As always, for any feedback, questions or suggestions type here or comment on the video ;)
Enjoy! :D
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Re: Lightshow: Luktelk! (from 3DView on an airplane to a real room!)

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Very nice !
Thank you Flavio :)
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