Looking for small DMX player / recorder

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Looking for small DMX player / recorder

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Hi there,

I am looking for small DMX player/recorder, preferably just a circuit board with screw terminals, and no housing. In the past I've used the Chauvet DJ DMX-RT and removed the housing but the quality of that product declined dramatically to a point where it is rendered useless. Same with NicolAudie products, too expensive for my application, very buggy software, and unreliable hardware for professional use.

I've looked into the Enttec S-Play SP1-1 70092 but it is simply too big and expensive for my application. Raspberry PI, etc. would also be too big and bloated for my very, very basic needs.

I've found 2 products on DMX4all.de in Germany, the DMX-Player XS and the DMX-Player L-MK2, but just the shipping is $70+.

- Program light sequences created with the ETC Mosaic MSC / Mosaic Designer 2 software / hardware (my favorite DMX toy but too big and too expensive for my application)
- Record DMX/ArtNet/or similar light sequences from ETC device to small DMX player/recorder hardware
- Play the light sequences back as DMX data on start-up of small DMX player/recorder

No calendar function or reordering of sequences needed, just the most basic record and looped playback.

Any recommendations?

Thank you for your help in advance!

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