Macro Button Issues

create pages with buttons to trigger scenes

Macro Button Issues

Postby ehanks1225 » 11 February 2019, 23:13

I am using a windows laptop with i-7 processor and 16 gig of ram, I am using 8 Chauvet Intimader 455z's 4 in totem 4 inverted , the 4 inverted have thier own address and the totem are using 2 addresses, i am also using various others light fixtures as well . the problem i am having is that when i create scenes and store them by creating macro buttons i lose the settings of the movers that are totem when i switch back between the macro buttons i have created .and i have to go back to the buttons of the movers and reset some of the settings, mainly the colors and the focus ..any one else experiencing these issues
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Re: Macro Button Issues

Postby support » 12 February 2019, 09:25

The Lighting Controller
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