request - Macro fade times

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request - Macro fade times

Postby chickenrob » 05 February 2019, 16:14

I would love to have the option to set a fade time for a macro button that overrides the buttons in the macro and default fade time.

Optionally fade times could be saved in the macro similar to the way fade levels (on a 2 step scene with a fader slider on the button) are saved.

I do primarily stage lighting for my church so mostly dimmer and fade times are what are important to me. I have my buttons set so I can create a look on stage quickly. I have a lot of 2 step scenes with fader sliders on the buttons. For example a center upper stage button with step 1 0% and step 2 100% so I can just hit the button and set he level. If I use those buttons to create a look and then save a macro, all the dimmer levels are saved in the macro, so I can create different macros with different levels. however the fade times do not save, the fade times will be whatever the current setting are on the scene buttons and not what they were when I saved the macro.

Hopefully I have explained this so you understand. I would also appreciate if anyone has any good ideas on a workflow where I can set my controller to be able to quickly set up a look and set dimmer and fade times for that look, without having to go into editor.

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Re: request - Macro fade times

Postby muscanto » 11 February 2019, 23:36

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