DMX over CAT6 Shielded - Utilize the other 3 pairs?

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DMX over CAT6 Shielded - Utilize the other 3 pairs?

Postby northtrader » 02 February 2019, 13:39

I'm working in an auditorium in which the installed base of DMX distribution was done through CAT6 shielded cable (soldered to XLR ends).
There is a optical splitter in a rack behind the stage and it's about a 90 foot cable run from the control computer (ShowXpress 512 dongle) at the control booth to the splitter in the rack behind the stage. I have a need to run some DMX fixtures at, or near, the control booth and I would like to utilize the unused conductors in the existing CAT6 shielded cable for a new signal from the splitter to the control booth. What are the ramifications to the existing DMX signal if there are two DMX signals (on separate wire pairs) inside the same CAT6 shielded cable? Have any of you guys done this?

It just seems like such a waste with the CAT6 cable if there are 8 conductors and only two are being used.
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