Astronomical clock trigger & dmx output patch

astronomical clock trigger & dmx output patch
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Astronomical clock trigger & dmx output patch

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The biggest news are "astronomical clock trigger" is available in Live, and "dmx output patch" is available in ControlBoard.

Here is the complete changelog:
ControlBoard - sometimes was showing wrong software version #
ControlBoard - patch for dmx outputs
ControlBoard - Box&Ssa usb timing adapted to fast computers
ControlBoard - can "auto start" application Live
ControlBoard - upload data to interface problem with scene names having special characters
ControlBoard - popup message when there is a new version of the software
Editor - does not loose groups keys, from which fixtures have been removed in Setup
Editor - when a scene called "Default" is existing, the function "New Scene" creates a new scene with the settings of scene "Default"
Editor - can create new group from 2DView popup menu
Editor - in section Pan/Tilt, clicking over two same location points does not change the selected step
Live - Mac - <cmd enter/space> is now <ctrl enter/space> (to avoid conflicts with the OS)
Live - can change font size of buttons text
Live - astronomical clock triggering
Live & TimeLine - media files can be stored in lightshows (support import/export functions)
TimeLine - button "Freeze" is active and button "Pause" not
TimeLine - Mac - sometimes, "mouse click up" event was not correctly catched
TimeLine - possibility to add magnetic yellow markers (with <ctrl m>), when playing the timeline
3DView - option "Show backside" does not hide the gobo impacts of fixtures 2, 3, ...
3DView - show aditional white and amber channels with RGB
3DView - show channel "iris" levels "pulse_open" and "pulse_close"
3DView - show channel "shutter" levels "pulse_strobe" and "random_strobe"
ScreenControl - Mac - sometimes the sound file was played only during a few seconds

Version 6.26 beta2 is available here: http://download.thelightingcontroller.c ... ware/beta/
Please make a backup of your lightshows before trying this version.

Please make posts regarding this beta version exclusively in this section.
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