Live crashes after network drop using Live Mobile - iPad

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Live crashes after network drop using Live Mobile - iPad

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We have been using Live Mobile to control ShowXpress Live during a theater production for about a year. Generally it works great, we have several pages of buttons that are connected to several timelines that control everything from stage lights and a video projector to fog and confetti. Our main show timeline is 45 minutes long but the beginning and end of the show are controlled live with scenes attached to buttons.

Lately we've been having some connectivity issues with the iPad loosing connection to the Mac where ShowXpress resides. When this happens Live tends to crash ultimately causing us to re-launch ShowXpress which in turn causes our show to black out. The only way to re-start the show after restarting is to manually find the position in the timeline where the crash occurred and play from that position. As you can imagine, this is insanely disruptive and stressful especially in a sold-out show with 80 audience members who paid to be there and actors on stage.

We create an ad-hock network on the mac each show so our network is isolated with only the Mac and one iPad connected. The IP address is entered in Settings for Live-Mobile for each show and is different.

When the network connection is lost, sometimes Live can be operated directly on the Mac and sometimes it crashes completely has must be relaunched. After a crash we often get this message on re-launch of live "Fonction: TCP/IP: LM Listen error !"

We don't know why our iPad and Mac loose network connectivity, there seems to be no cause and it's random.

We don't know why loosing the connectivity would cause Live to subsequently crash. When it manages to not crash, our show goes on as usual but must be controlled from the Mac.

We could get by if Live wouldn't crash because we have someone ready to step in and run the show from the Mac if necessary but it needs to be able to survive a network disconnect every time.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you resolve it? Would love to hear from anyone at this point. I know version 7 of ShowXpress is available now but I have concerns of upgrading and loosing any/all that we have built so far. We will be looking into this and doing some testing.
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Re: Live crashes after network drop using Live Mobile - iPad

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Sorry but we can not help anymore for such problem with V6.

We suggest you to make a copy of your lightshow, and try it with V7 and the latest available Live Mobile.
Like this, if you meet any problem with V7, you can come back to V6 with the original lightshow.
Live Mobile should work better with V7 than with V6.

The most important for your tests, is you do not use the same lightshow for V6 and V7.
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