Xpress Rack 1024

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Xpress Rack 1024

Postby Matt26 » 14 March 2021, 16:59

I have been attempting use an "Xpress Rack 1024" interface, the one with the 16 buttons. My understanding is that this would allow me to make a bunch of looks (pages, shows, if you will) and assign them to the 16 buttons, and then just have the interface activate these looks without requiring a computer running software to be there.

Unfortunately, not only can I not get the thing to take the programming consistently, but it seems like it is only possible to put timelines into it. Seems like a limitation. If I load programming into some of the buttons, they will only activate sometimes, and sometimes not. I have been trying to diagnose this, but I can't find any commonality between working and not. I'm stumped there. I have erased and re-uploaded the programming multiple times.

To use this thing the way it seems like it is intended, I would want to upload what I put on Live Button "pages". If I have to re-build those pages as different timelines in order to upload programming to this interface, it seems like almost double work. I have a bunch of timing and other things which don't readily translate to just simple timelines.

And then... when I do put step scenes or generator scenes into a timeline in the "standalone" interface, they seem to default themselves to 5 seconds long, and CANNOT BE ADJUSTED. This can't be right. This happens in the "standalone" section for me, whether or not I have the interface connected, and also on different computers, and also with different versions of ShowXpress. These would be MacOS v9.1, v9.2 and v9.23.

So am I missing something, or what? Thanks.
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Re: Xpress Rack 1024

Postby support » 15 March 2021, 09:19

The standalone mode is obviously much less powerful than the PC mode.
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