Link 2 Rack1024 ?

usb to dmx - 1024 dmx channels - 19'' rack - 16 flash buttons - IR remote controller - 8 external contacts - calendar

Link 2 Rack1024 ?

Postby joncroker » 23 November 2019, 11:19

Is it possible to link 2 off these units together.
I have a customer who wants to control the same 16 standalone scenes but to be able to operate it from either the front stage area or from the back of the room.
They would not be used at the same time.
Would a merger solve this problem.
They are only using one universe but want to use these because of the 16 scene buttons.
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Re: Using 2 Rack 1024

Postby support » 24 November 2019, 22:31

Sorry but it is not possible to link two interfaces Rack1024 together.
We suggest you to use only one interface, with the IR remote controller for the second control location.
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