Live Buttons not working

create pages with buttons to trigger scenes

Live Buttons not working

Postby Oberonuk » 30 October 2020, 12:01

I'm using D5125 on a windows machine. I can get my fixtures working fine in the Fixtures>Steps view and can create scenes which show perfectly in the 3D view and control the lights properly. I can [Play] a scene and it works in 3D view AND changes the lights. However, when I add the scene as a button in LIVE view, nothing happens. I have tried soloing the buttons (so that clicking one deactivates any others that may be playing. I cannot control the lights either in 3D view or on the rig. The scenes are fairly simple - Start with all faders down, lift the RGB sliders so all parcels are showing one colour. I'd have thought that a scene with all green sliders up would work as a button in live but I'm having no luck. Newbie here (obviously) but I've used other DMX packages. Help please!
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Re: Live Buttons not working

Postby Luc Henrion » 30 October 2020, 16:05

Simple things to check: master fader position ? DMX icon "on" ?...
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