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VirtualDJ update - OS2L improvements

Postby djdad » 23 May 2022, 14:05

VirtualDJ offered a new update (Build 6954), currently as Early Access. This Build will become public in a few days, but in the meantime you can get this update by enabling the EarlyAccessUpdate setting in VirtualDJ Settings->OPTIONS

What this new update brings for os2l and TheLightingController...
1. A new action os2l_scene, similar to os2l_button, remembered per deck and sent for active deck. This addition provides a solution for this reported issue ... ... =94&t=7233
2. By using os2l_scene in your Action POIs, the ON message will not be sent again when called, making the Live button to remain enabled. E.g. ButtonA called from a POI, then later ButtonA called again from a POI on another song. ButtonA will not be turned off (done so if os2l_button was used).
3. The new os2l_scene action can have a list of Live buttons as parameter (separated by semicolon) instead of a single name, so you can use
Code: Select all
 os2l_scene 'ButtonName1;ButtonName2;etc'
instead of
Code: Select all
os2l_scene ButtonName1' & os2l_scene 'ButtonName2' & etc

4. New Filter criteria to gather all the Tracks with Action POIs and see which ones may have os2l action POIs.
Filter : Has action poi = 1
and can be used as Filter Folder ( ... tml#filter) , Quick filter and Color Filter ( ... tantfilter)
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