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Known issues

Postby support » 08 October 2018, 08:59

Pad names with capital letters (Oct. 2018)
It is presently not possible to drive buttons with capital letters in their names.
We are not able to fix that problem.
The "Virtual DJ" os2l command (that our software receives) transforms all capital letters to lowercase letters.
Only "Virtual DJ" is able to fix that problem.
They are aware of this problem and they told us: "it's already in the pipe to be looked".
So we suppose the next "Virtual DJ" software version will fix that problem.

Option OS2L (Feb. 2020)
In our VDJ demo video, the "Beat" was working correctly before changing the VDJ parameter "OS2L".
In a recent test, we had to force "OS2L = YES", otherwise the "Beat" was not working anymore.
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