Beat - restart from 1st position

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Beat - restart from 1st position

Postby ineedabeatdj » 19 September 2018, 20:08

I have Virtual DJ 2018 working with the Beat of Showxpress V 9.1.00. I have a question though. Is it possible to make the 1st of the beat in the song, or the 1st of the que point, to match with the 1st beat of the grid? So for an example, when I start the song from the 1st beat or 1st que point, the BPM beat grid would also start from the left or 1st grid. Currently, if I que the playing song in the middle of the BPM grid, then hit play, the grid continues from the 2 3 or 4 position, and not from the 1 position. Thank you.
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Re: Auto BPM/Beat with Virtual DJ 2018?

Postby support » 19 September 2018, 20:29

Sorry but this is not possible.
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