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"HandClap" 3DView Lightshow

PostPosted: 25 March 2021, 19:11
by LightningFM
Hello again fourmers :)
I've recently made another 3DView lightshow, built around Fitz and the Tantrums' song "HandClap". Hope you like it!
The idea behind this one is a livestream/tv studio concept. The 3D model is built using both the default library of objects and some additional .obj files.
Please don't tell the video operator that I've placed a truss right on the rails of his overhead camera :lol:

The lighting equipment is made of 20 wash-type moving heads, 20 spot/beam fixtures and 8 strobes (that I regretted not choosing RGB fixture) mounted behind the band. I've also used 8 LED bars (two of which are shorter than the others, creating the illusion that the rig is deeper than "real") and some pars to light the performers. Some fixtures are placed on the floor to the side of the musicians, while most are distributed on vertical trusses around the stage.

As usual, the show is fully timelined, with a crescendo towards the final dance section.

For feedback, questions or suggestions type here or comment the video ;)
Enjoy! :D

Re: "HandClap" 3DView Lightshow

PostPosted: 30 March 2021, 09:34
by support
Thank you Flavio to make our world of lighting entertainment still living, during these hard Covid times.

Nice lightshow.
And good job the additional 3D object files. They look light (bytes size speaking). This is not easy to do light OBJ files and this is necessary for smooth 3D rendering.

Re: "HandClap" 3DView Lightshow

PostPosted: 05 April 2021, 14:45
by thorehl
Love the camera work here Flavio. Still haven't figured out how you do it.
Anyways, nice coding bro

Re: "HandClap" 3DView Lightshow

PostPosted: 06 April 2021, 22:00
by LightningFM
Thank you Support and Thorehl!
The camerawork here is done by "filming" several times the lightshow with different camera angles and then spending some time editing it :)
I import each camera angle, synchronize all the shots (I record audio every time for this purpose, later switching to the original audio file) and then cut all the videos other than the point of views that best fit the moment.
Here's how it looks like in the editing software:
(light blue: video, green: audio, purple: text)