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"The Paradox" 3DView Lightshow (at 60fps)

PostPosted: 04 December 2016, 12:47
by LightningFM
Hi guys!
Here's a new lightshow, based on "The Paradox" by Exision, which was requested in a comment on YouTube.
The scenario is a showroom: for this show I used 89 spotlight, placed on different trusses on ceiling, floor and on vertical trusses too. I placed some strobelight too, but the idea was to have fun with beams.
The whole lightshow (which is fully timelined) runs on about 80 scenes.
I managed to upload it at 60 Frames Par Second, available on supported devices if you select "720p60" or "1080p60".

Hope you like it!
If you have any question or feedback, ask here or in the comment section of the video :D