"Runaway" 3D view lightshow

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"Runaway" 3D view lightshow

Postby LightningFM » 06 February 2016, 20:53

Hi all!
I realized another 3DView lightshow, based the live version of Runaway by Urban Strangers. When I uploaded the video yesterday on YouTube I find out that it was blocked in 244 countries due to audio copyright, so I uploaded it again on Dailymotion. :(
Here's the link: http://dai.ly/x3qtpsb
The gig is supplied mainly with moving heads, 25 placed on 5 vertical trusses behind the singers and 12 on the floor. There are also more moving heads, and LED washlight trussed over the artists; All fixtures are patched on two universes.
I used for almost all the length of the song bicolor effects while the song is calm, using gobos and "clean" beams in the same moment. The show ends in an "storm" of color across the stage, programmed on 4 non-generator scene (3 scenes for color changes, were each scene controls two fixture, and 1 for dim lights on).
Hope you enjoy the show, if you have feedback, suggestions or questions I'll be glad to answer :)
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