"Povere Bestie" 3DView Lighshow - An entry to R90's contest

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"Povere Bestie" 3DView Lighshow - An entry to R90's contest

Postby LightningFM » 20 May 2020, 15:17

Hello everybody,
Hope everyone is still safe through those particular times.
I recently posted a new lightshow, based on the requirements for the R90 "Extreme Realism" Pre-Viz contest
Here is the link: https://youtu.be/HB7e3gD4t34

The contest.
R90 (a lighting company based in Seattle) organized an online pre-visualisation competition to promote their webstore.
The point of the competition was to design the 42nd local artist stage at a (fictitious) huge festival; the project needed to match the Stageline SL260 (a mobile stage) rigging limitations and not exceed the given budget of 10.000$ (the organizers provided a price sheet for the various equipment like fixture, truss, video tiles, motors etc..).
Another limitation regarded the music choice for the "performance" video, the lightshow had to be based on a local artist of your area. I selected "Il Corpo Docenti", a three-member rock band from my town, Milan (Italy) that I saw perform live some months ago.
For further details on the contest and the full equipment price sheet see https://r90lightingsales.com/grand-open ... z-contest/

The Stage and the Lightshow.
I selected the types of fixtures for my design based on whether I would be able to see them at their full potential in the 3DView. For this reason, I ended up using primarily the cheap:
- (40) Small Beam/Spot [(Sharpy, 5r, MAC 350 Entour, etc.) $75 ea]
- (42) Small Wash [(Aura, 150 LEDBeam, etc.) $75 ea.]
- (16) Blinders [(Atomics, 4 Lites, 2 Lites, Sunstrips, etc.) $30 ea.]
Also 6 more expensive ColorStrobe (Large Effects, $150 ea.) and 8 generic non-moveable wash fixture (classified the same as the small effects, 30$ ea.) were used on stage.

The stage itself is fairly simple. The hanging fixtures are distributed on three main lines, plus two angled truss extending in front of the stage. Additionally, two other trusses are lifted mid-air and two are raised from the ground just behind the band.
Grand Total: 8825$

I picked the track "Povere Bestie" for the various energy changes of the song. I tried to stick to two colours only (purple and orange, kinda matching the cover of the album) and play with the differences between wash and beams with gobos/prisms; attention was also placed on some transitions between different moments. Hope the result is good! :)

Various thoughts.
I joined the contest for three reasons:
- keep away boredom during the lockdown :lol:
- the idea of achieving a "big" stage with a limited budget to work intrigued me
- seeing how my "project" and "lightshow" on a "small" software would compare to those by other more experienced professional designers using more "high-end" software (basically all of the entries I've seen so far are based on MA2 and/or external visualizer).

Section 3 of "Rules to respect to import external 3D objects" (https://thelightingcontroller.com/viewt ... =13&t=3453) didn't manifest in this show.
3DView can handle dozens Kb objects, but not hundreds Kb object

I had to use the very detailed 3D model of the SL260 stage provided by the contest organizers (https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/ ... line-SL260).
Once converted I ended up using .obj files between 1.000KB and up to 6.000/10.000KB without noticing any particular effect performance.
Provably the 3DView update from V9 improved this aspect, or maybe the dozens Kb limit applies to minimum requirements.
The only issues I had were regarding managing the scale the models, but I believe that wasn't a 3DView fault.

I look forward to seeing the results and the other contestant's work. Some other participants posted their videos public and I believe some produced really nice designs/performances.
It's interesting seeing how many people produce different concepts out of the same starting point!
In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy mine as well :D
As usual, if you have any question or feedback, ask here or under the video itself :)
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Re: "Povere Bestie" 3DView Lighshow - An entry to R90's cont

Postby thorehl » 24 May 2020, 17:59

Once again, great work! I dig the slow lowering mh 3/4 though
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Re: "Povere Bestie" 3DView Lighshow - An entry to R90's cont

Postby LightningFM » 24 May 2020, 19:32

Hi Torehl!
Once again thanks :lol:
I really like that lowering sequence too, with the stage lowly turning back on! (if it is what you meant)
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Re: "Povere Bestie" 3DView Lighshow - An entry to R90's cont

Postby support » 30 May 2020, 09:28

Congratulations for this nice job, Flavio !
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Re: "Povere Bestie" 3DView Lighshow - An entry to R90's cont

Postby LightningFM » 30 May 2020, 10:35

Thank you Support!

I'm delighted to let you know that the contest organisers selected the show as... runner up!
https://r90lightingsales.com/blog/extre ... t-winners/ :D

Thank you @support for keeping improving the software. This result would not have been possible without the continuous updates and improvement to the software (generator, 3DView..). Thanks!
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