Akai Mini programing and options

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Akai Mini programing and options

Postby Demimage » 20 January 2020, 21:08

So i have a couple of questions....

Firstly, If i use two akai mini midi controllers with showxpress, will the midi note be the same at the same position on each controller.. IE top left button on both controllers will trigger same thing etc or are the notes different on each board making it an extension rather than a clone? also would i choose Device 1 and device 2 in the MIDI tab for each akai mini on order to make the boards extensions rather than clones?

secondly, is there a way of creating a 'Shift' Button to assign a complete set of new parameters on each slider and button on the same board?

can i ask if anyone can suggest a better midi board with more sliders, buttons and possibly dial controls than the Akai mini? Running out of sliders is my main problem.

many Thanks :D
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Re: Akai Mini programing and options

Postby TimH » 20 January 2020, 21:22

Hey mate

Yes the two devices will appear as separate devices (device 1 and device 2) so that will allow you to have separate controls.

There's no "shift function" like you're talking about. But you can add more controllers. The Korg Nanokontrol can provide you some extra faders and pots for a cheap price. The Akai APC 40 also has a bunch of pots
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Re: Akai Mini programing and options

Postby dumbfungus » 16 February 2020, 22:54

I use APC20/40 hybrid. 18 faders, plus crossfader. Plus 16+ knobs.

I’ve seen people do 3x APC20 in a row, which would get 27 fader
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Re: Akai Mini programing and options

Postby support » 17 February 2020, 19:47

Thank you for this nice picture.
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