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Footswitch Recommendations?

PostPosted: 13 November 2018, 04:41
by Dialup
Hey guys. New user here. I am having a ton of trouble finding a good footswitch option to use. I bought a behringer fcb1010 but the midi connection does not work well at all. Super sketch in operation and causes program to crash. Zero issues with my akai apc40.

Basically wanting to assign foot pedals to different macros on Live screen and use wah type pedals for master speed and dimmer faders also from Live screen.

Any help or recommendations you guys have would greatly be appreciated. THANK YOU!!

Re: Footswitch Recommendations?

PostPosted: 07 January 2019, 14:08
by muscanto
You may have found a solution by now but if not, I use a Keith McMillen 12 step foot pedal and it works fantastic. Unfortunately it does not have a wah pedal so you might need to add that separate. The Keith McMillen uses USB so there is no need to add a midi to USB device in the middle which is an added bonus.

You could combine that with a USB wah pedal and be well on your way.

Re: Footswitch Recommendations?

PostPosted: 11 February 2019, 21:53
by Pitwipe
I've had good luck with the FCB1010 but wading through the manual can be tedious. You have to manually assign MIDI note numbers to each pedal. You'll also want to keep the expression pedals activated on each pedal to allow them to work (midi learn will work)