request - snap vs fade for masters

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request - snap vs fade for masters

Postby dumbfungus » 23 February 2020, 02:21

Setup: akai apc40 midi into showXpress laptop. Master dimmers are on various faders.

Problem: when I bring faders up and down, I get jittery dimming because cheap faders. The fixtures are capable of smooth dimming, but the controller is not precise enough.

Solution: pop up option (right click) a master fader. Set dim time for faders. That means I can bring fader up/down fast, and the software will “catch up” due to slower fade. It allows for smoother dimming
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Re: Feature request: snap vs fade for masters

Postby thorehl » 12 March 2020, 00:26

I use a 2 step Step-button for this, and then have a 1s fade in the step-file
That way I keep the Master Fader as a master, and not a dimmer.
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