Generator Scenes Broken on Export

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Generator Scenes Broken on Export

Postby Stevewestpalm » 13 September 2019, 16:26

I'm using Showxpress Version 9 for Windows. When I export the lightshow to place on a new computer everything works except for the generator scenes that are associated with buttons on a live tab. For example, when a generator scene button is pushed, no lights react and the button has a red slash through it or a check mark sometimes. This can be fixed by right clicking the button and selecting change file. Once I've done this the button works again.

Also, I'm using the "Import Lightshow" function to place the lightshow on the new computer. (Export from old / import onto new)

Thanks for any help!

So I read the description on absolute and relative paths for scenes. In the Live.ini file it seems that when exported the .scex files maintain a relative path while the .gpj files export with an absolute path. I changed the path in the .ini file to a relative path and it fixed the buttons.

Why would this be different for different files? Is there a way to get both to export with relative paths?
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Re: Generator Scenes Broken on Export

Postby support » 13 September 2019, 21:12

The .gpj files must be saved into the folder (or sub-folder) of "../YourLightshow/Editor/Generator/projects/".
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