Dimmer/Channel Type Differences?

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Dimmer/Channel Type Differences?

Postby kamikazepyro9 » 22 February 2019, 00:37

What is the difference between the Dimmer and uDimmer channels? Same thing with R/G/B/W/C/M/Y/A/U and uR/uG/uB/uW/uC/uM/uY/uA/uU channels. Is it purely for 16bit controls?
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Re: Dimmer/Channel Type Differences?

Postby TimH » 22 February 2019, 04:09

Hey mate

Purely for 16 Bit controls. "udimmer" is basically a "dimmer fine" channel. If making a custom fixture profile, you should only use the "udimmer" channel in conjunction with a regular "dimmer" channel. Same goes for all the colours.


Tim H
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