SSA unit does not work with new software

upload scenes in the standalone memory of the interface

SSA unit does not work with new software

Postby DSA-AVL » 07 April 2016, 15:09

We have several SSA units.

Some work together with a dedicated computer running also old version software V6.333 ( windows)

On this old computer we can easily load scenes into the 14 buttons and divide the into 4 groups.

Now we try to upload scenes into the buttons with the most recent version software
We tried windows as wel as mac os.

We cannot get the buttons to work in more than one group.
We like to use 4 different groups as we are used to in the old version software.
Is it possible that our old SSA units will not work with te latest software?
Perhaps a firmware upgrade will solve this problem ?

I hope you can help us out.

We do own several SSA units as wel as Quick dmx unit.

By the way , on quick dmx with quick dmx stand alone controller it works fine but in several cases we need the speed buttons of the sweet light SSA.
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