Restrictions from PC to interface

upload scenes in the standalone memory of the interface

Restrictions from PC to interface

Postby support » 23 March 2015, 15:51

"Live" and "StandAlone" use a similar TimeLine, but due to interface standalone engine restrictions, there are things that are not allowed in the StandAlone TimeLine. In StandAlone:
- the tools "off/pause/stop" are not allowed
- each scene is played only one time (not looping)
- the software generates a scene from time 0 up to the end time of the last present scene
- the generated scenes are here: "../YourLightShow/StandAlone/scenes/universeX_buttonY.sce" ; these generated scenes are uploaded in the interface ; you can check them in tab "Steps"
- the complete timeline will play in loop in standalone
- there must be at least one scene in the timeline (no empty timeline)
- at last one scene must start at time 0 (otherwise the generated scene is wrong)

16bits channels management
With the interface Rack1024 - no problem
With the other interfaces - fine channels (16bits pan/tilt/RGB/...) are not managed in StandAlone mode
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