Midi trigger speed for buttons

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Midi trigger speed for buttons

Postby support » 04 May 2020, 13:34

To save CPU usage, the buttons drawing in Live are refreshed only 10 times per second. Considering the Shannon theorem, if you switch on/off a button more than 10/2 = 5 times per second, all on/off states may not be displayed, and the button will show the last requested state at the end.

BUT the channels in the software will be correctly refreshed.

The channels are refreshed faster (20 times per second with the parameter "Software refresh rate" set to "High"). Considering the Shannon theorem again, this means that you can switch on/off a button up to 20/2 = 10 times per second, and the channels will follow the changes, even if you do not see the button switching quickly.

Note: all above remarks are true only if the CPU of your computer has enough time to handle our software.
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