Generator Tab; XY Pant Tilt Issue

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Generator Tab; XY Pant Tilt Issue

Postby PixelClubhouse » 14 February 2020, 06:06

I just got my 512s interface so I can finally start using my lights with ShowXpress. So far everything is going smoothly except for when I use the Generator tab with my Colorkey Mover Halo Spots. All I'm trying to do is create a simple circle in the span of 4 seconds with one static color. When I play it back it runs just fine, the lights follow the route perfectly. The issue appears when I try to save and then reopen the Generator Project or import it into a Live Timeline. All the data saves except for the XY Pan Tilt data which is somehow all of a sudden not selected and the line/curve points are in sporadic places. Any help would be appreciated. Hopefully I explained everything well enough.
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Re: Generator Tab; XY Pant Tilt Issue

Postby support » 14 February 2020, 09:55

Please check there is not a negative "shift" ( ... =70&t=6599).
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