Create a Generator or Scene that display multiple colors

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Create a Generator or Scene that display multiple colors

Postby DJ Veesmooth » 18 July 2019, 18:17

Ok let me explain this the best as I can. I really understand this software pretty good so far. Chauvet showexpress on my Mac pro. Lets say I have 10 pars and I want each one of them to display a different color each time simultaneously. It can be two three four, however I want. The color travel from one par to the next and so forth or can travel randomly if I decide. It can fade this way strobe this way or watever. How can I do this? I am able to make the same color for all ten pars show up at the same time or even change. When I use the bar below in the generator tool that separate the number of fixtures and have them move from one color to another it doesn't do it in sync? Its out of sync. One par would change then the other would change 2 seconds later. How do I do this to make it all change different colors simultaneously? I use to use das 4 software and they had an easy function that made any color you want travel from one fixture to the other all at the same time ...even if it was two colors for all ten pars. Show express seems to make it harder to do this and its a way more advance software. I know I can do this manually creating scenes but that would be tedious. Generator suppose to do this easier. I tried the pixel with the line moving back and forth but that moves to fast and its not feasible. :mrgreen: :geek: :ugeek:
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