The limitations with different models of fixtures

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The limitations with different models of fixtures

Postby support » 20 March 2019, 08:21

Generator is designed to group fixtures of the same type. So you can easily get a group of 8x of the same moving heads, or 16x of the same LED pars. But you couldn't make a chase in generator using one moving head spot, a moving head wash, a LED bar and an incandescent par can. Generator needs to see that the channel values across all the fixtures you have used are exactly the same, for it to function.

Generator is able to identify and control the universal channels (pan/tilt, RGB, dimmer, ...) of different model fixtures. Generator is not able to manage the specific channels like the color/gobo wheels whih is completly different between two fixtures models (different colors at different dmx levels, etc.). So you couldn't group them together as the software can't reconcile the two different channel values together.
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