Mono-head with multi-heads selection issue [done]

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Re: Mono-head with multi-heads selection issue [done]

Postby SeekLighting » 20 March 2019, 03:36

sgriffin1 wrote:Would there ever be an option to change the fixture profile in the future for the Chauvet Intimidator 155 Spot Dou?

Unfortunately it's not possible to change a light's fixture profile as it's set according to whatever spec the manufacturer makes for it. You'd have to ask Chauvet directly.

sgriffin1 wrote:Maybe allow user to choose traditional profile or Maybe a custom profile that allows the generator to "see" two head fixtures as two separate lights?

You can do this yourself if you like by creating your own fixture profile for it, but it would be a little bit of a workaround.

sgriffin1 wrote: To blend these lights with other single head fixtures in the generator would be easier for programming. Everything reacts very well in Steps and in Pixels(dimmer chases).!

The problem is not that one fixture has one head and the other has two. The problem is that the values are different. Generator is designed to group fixtures of the same type. So you can easily get a group of 8x of the same moving heads, or 16x of the same LED pars. You couldn't make a chase in generator using 1 moving head spot, a moving head wash, a LED bar and an incandescent par can. Generator needs to see that the channel values across all the fixtures you have used are exactly the same, for it to function.

This is why the pan/tilt values work when you select the Spot Duos with the traditional Intimidators, as pan and tilt are universal. However, the colour wheels for both fixtures will be completely different (different colours will be at different places, etc.), so you couldn't group them together as the software can't reconcile the two different channel values together.
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Re: Mono-head with multi-heads selection issue [done]

Postby support » 20 March 2019, 08:24

Thank you for your clear explanation Tim.
We added this post ... =70&t=6178 which contains a big part of your words (if you see any problem with that, please let us know).
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