How can do that.

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How can do that.

Postby Tarzan4711 » 26 January 2019, 08:45

How can I do that?
I have 12 pieces of LED Floor Spots and I just want to make a white flash every time. preferably by accident. What do you all mean. how can I do that best?

Thank you
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Re: How can do that.

Postby SeekLighting » 26 January 2019, 21:46

Hey mate, sorry you're going to have to be a little more detailed. Your post is extremely vague!
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Re: How can do that.

Postby Tarzan4711 » 27 January 2019, 06:44

OK sorry
So I have 12 Florspots in the room. the spots should be flashing by turns. flash on No 1 then e.g no 7 then no 12, etc. It would be best if it is synonymous in random sequence. The spots are normal LED spots. Dimmer 1, R on 2, G on 3, B on 4 It should be an effect that always flashes in space elsewhere. is something like that?
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Re: How can do that.

Postby marco » 27 January 2019, 09:14

You can try the random strobe funtion if your spots have that funtion
Or you programm them with say 24 or 48 steps
Why more steps then spot, so the effect looks random instead of fix scene
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Re: How can do that.

Postby JohnRichards » 27 January 2019, 11:20

Looking at most of the posts you have made, it appears as if you have not quite grasped how the software works. I would suggest that you look at all the youtube lessons, but better still, load the demo show, go to the "live" page, right click on the buttons and select "edit". This will take you to the steps created in editor, and you will see what the programmer has done.
I hope this will be of benefit to you.
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