request - Generator and different fixtures

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request - Generator and different fixtures

Postby muscanto » 07 January 2019, 14:00


It would be very useful if you could use the generator across different fixtures by selecting different fixture types and linking the desired channels in the generator window when creating a new generator file. For example, having the ability to control the shutter or dimmer of a mixed group of fixtures would be very useful without having to create two or more generator files and then linking them with a macro or using a steps scene and a lot of programming. I can program chase type strobes manually with step scenes but it's very time consuming and it never looks as good as a generator scene. When you open the generator, you would select which channel on each fixture type should be the same and which fixtures you want to include in that generator check box so you can control the dimming/shutter between two different fixtures.
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Re: Feature Request - Generator and different fixtures

Postby support » 07 January 2019, 15:02

When you select two different dmx fixtures in Generator, you will see in the "Channels" list the common channels, and you could program them.
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Re: request - Generator and different fixtures

Postby SeekLighting » 07 January 2019, 15:44

Hi Muscanto

Just to reiterate what Support said, this function is already available, and I used it regularly.

As long as your channels have matching names and functions (ie. "red", "dimmer" etc.) they should work exactly the way you are asking, although I believe it would require at least version 8 for this to work. Might be wrong
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