McAfee Antivirus and Windows 10

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McAfee Antivirus and Windows 10

Postby rockinmo816 » 04 November 2021, 02:48

Making a post here for anyone who WILL run into this. Mcafee antivirus has caused me headaches so many times in the past with other items, why not with ShowXpress too?!
Today we had a brand new installed Windows 10 machine (still in process of windows updates). The machine had a free trial of that fun software call Mcafee antivirus.

The symptoms were as follows:
1. plug D512 box into Machine, OS sees it fine. Install downloaded 64 bit driver.
2. Launch software. Configure the box to the universe 1 output.
3. Patch some fixtures and away you go.
4. About 5-10 mins later, the PC link on the D512 goes out and I lose all control. Fixtures go back to a NON controlled setting.
5. I restart, change USB cables, play with the refresh rate in the software settings, nothing. Now the OS isn't even seeing the D512 when I plug it in.
6. I have my Mac laptop next to me, plug it in, works perfect. No issues. Same show file.
7. I notice the software I am running in windows is the new 9.x where my Mac laptop is running 8.x. Ok maybe something with the showfile....
8. Update windows ShowXpress with latest fix file, 5 mins, bam happens again.
9. OUT OF THE BLUE, I get a stupid Mcafee popup and immediately my memory goes racing to the issues, the atrocities, the horrors!!
10. Disable EVERYTHING in this software, firewall, real time scanning, updates, everything. Uninstall it. Delete it. Dont subscribe to it.

Once this software is removed/disabled I was able to use the software perfectly with 0 issues for over 30 minutes.

Hope this helps someone in the future!
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Re: McAfee Antivirus and Windows 10

Postby support » 04 November 2021, 08:32

Thank you for this report.

Some antivirus are effectively very intrusive. They block (forbid) as much as possible for security. (same than our leaders do for us, in our opinion, but this is another story :-) ).
Unfortunately for us, when such problem happen, many people are convinced that the problem comes from our software. So your report is welcome indeed.
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