Pan/Tilt curve handle for movement between steps

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Pan/Tilt curve handle for movement between steps

Postby Bobnjul » 24 July 2019, 16:08

It would be wonderful if we could control the shape of movement between steps. Currently we only can set a straight line between steps points. It would be awesome if a handle could be placed on the line between two steps to control the path of the pan/tilt movement, somewhat like we can in the generator. It could default to straight line, but allow us to right-click on the line and add a draggable handle that would add a curved the path between the pan/tilt location between steps.

This would make it far easier to create smooth and timed curved position moves for pan/tilt fixtures. Sometimes a straight line isn't always the best or prettiest way to get from point A to B on a moving fixture sweep.

Thanks for considering.
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Re: Pan/Tilt curve handle for movement between steps

Postby support » 25 July 2019, 10:29

To do that, we have to change the structure of the step of the Steps scene.
If we change this structure, each source code line which mention this structure will have to be rewritten.
So we do not think we could do that in a near future.
Sorry for that.
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