How to save "scenes"

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How to save "scenes"

Postby mortalicious » 30 April 2019, 01:43

Hi, I am using The Lighting Controller software on a mac, and I can not seem to figure out how to save the Steps that I create? I have a bunch of chauvet lights, and I can create light scenes, and I can play these scenes, and it looks cool, but I can not save them to play them another time? In the manual it simply says that you go to file and then save as in the scene folder. But, I do this, and I am unsuccessful in retrieving the steps that i created? Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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Re: How to save "scenes"

Postby TimH » 30 April 2019, 03:32

Hey mate,

Sounds like you're fairly new to the software.

Steps mode is designed to create your scenes. To play them back, you can open them again in Steps mode. Just click the open button near the save button in Steps mode and choose the scene you want.

However, this is not how you should be playing back scenes during a live show. Steps mode is really just for editing and programming (pre-show work). You should then import your scenes in to "Live" mode, and trigger them there during your show.

I highly recommend watching Dan's series of tutorials on YouTube in full, to gain a full understanding of how to operate the software: ... 9Xg/videos
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