Editor fixture profile color option (add-on)

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Editor fixture profile color option (add-on)

Postby pogjack » 09 January 2022, 23:46

Is there a way I can change the color of the fixture profile on the DMX setup screen so I can color similar fixtures. Example we purchased 5 spots and 10 LED washes. Later we purchased more spots and washes. I would like to be able to color the profile of each so I can find them easier instead of ready each name.

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Re: Editor fixture profile color option (add-on)

Postby thorehl » 10 January 2022, 20:46

Negativ. But you can group things together.. I do that. Dimmers, blinders, smoke channels together, then movers and last strobes. I also group things in the layout screen to the right, so they are easily and quickly selectable.
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