REVO4 Thread

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REVO4 Thread

Postby Dayyy » 01 March 2014, 15:10

So the REVO4 is 256, so i made a matrix of 16x16. I set it to RGBW but I am having issues matching up the colors to channels.

This should be one row and equates to the bellow channels

12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34

Is there a way to make this one fixture?

I could see having a RG matrix with a BW matrix layered on top of it, but those color options are not available in PIXELS

My other issue is using the effects. They want to fade with color mixing, but I only want RGBW and I cant get White to light up using PIXELS

Thanks in advance.
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Re: REVO4 Thread

Postby support » 02 March 2014, 09:38

Please try the attached Pixels profile, and tell us if it is ok.

Pixels does not drive white presently (not a big issue since all colors can be done with RGB).
We do not understand how to drive white, according to all possible RGB values.
A suggested function to do that would be welcome !

PS: we are afraid that white control must be different, depending of the manufacturer.
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Re: REVO4 Thread

Postby Dayyy » 03 March 2014, 18:22

it is possible to drive the white LED's however to drive a white command is not, actually any color that is not RGB does not show.
the trick to access all LED's is to run the matrix setup in W instead of RGB, RGBW, etc. W is one channel coding where RGB is 3channel and RGBW is 4channel. if you code the matrix in W 1channel, and follow the physical LED pattern of the light as I stated above and will below
1256 9 10 1314
3478 1112 1516
then you can drive all the LED's but you cannot choose a color, in fact, you must select a color that is as pure as possible because any mixed colors in the image or letter just will not light up. i currently have the matrix working, but the letters are showing up backwards. will post it up when corrected.
its 16x16 to get all 256 LED's
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