Routers and IP Addresses [fixed]

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Routers and IP Addresses [fixed]

Postby davelerbakken » 12 August 2011, 20:08


I've tried to connect my Ipad with Live Mobile to two computers separately. The first is a Macbook pro with 6.27, and the other a Win7 with 6.27. Both machines have the same IP address, I'm guessing because they are on the same wireless router. Is there a way to connect via a router, or do I need to connect without a router?


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Re: Routers and IP Addresses

Postby support » 13 August 2011, 10:21

You can of course connect via a router.
And you have to set up the router firewall to allow communication via the chosen port.
Please read this: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=718

PS: from internet, both computers have effectively same IP address, but there can be only one target computer. If both computers use same port, the router will chose only one computer.
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