Error "Unable to talk to Live"

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Error "Unable to talk to Live"

Postby mondinga » 20 September 2011, 03:49

Hello, I am having trouble with the app. Please provide assistance if possible. Thank you in advance.

Itouch 2g iOS 4.2.1
ShowExpress 6.27 Beta1
LiveMobile 1.1
Windows 7

Performed the following:
1. Installed ShowExpress and Live Mobile
2. In ShowExpress, went to settings> network> Live, and confirmed port #7348. Validate and restart ShowExpress.
3. Launched Live in ShowExpress and went to Live> Preferences. Checked admin password and entered password two times. Checked allow live mobile. Validated and restarted ShowExpress
4. Configured Live Mobile to use port #7348 and added admin password on the iTouch
5. Launched Live on ShowExpress and right clicked "Page_1" and selected "Visible in Live Mobile".
6. Launched Live Mobile on iTouch and selected connect. Live Mobile connects and shows "Page_1" I can select the scenes, but after a few seconds, I get an error message "Error, unable to talk to live".
7. I then closed Live Mobile and ShowExpress
8. Went to Windows Firewall and enabled outbound port on private network only for specified pirt #7348
9. Verified that both control board ports exist under inbound ports.
10. Relaunched ShowExpress and Live Mobile and continue to get the same error message.

Please let me know if there is something that is incompatible or if there is something else I need to do to allow the iTouch to communicate properly with the ShowExpress program.

Thank you,
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Re: Error "Unable to talk to Live"

Postby Niffo » 20 September 2011, 06:16

Please, use latest version of the Software wich is 6.281 (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=980).
(note that "admin password" in Live's preferences has no effect on Live_Mobile)
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