QuickDMX Remote for Windows

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QuickDMX Remote for Windows

Postby mart » 04 January 2020, 14:37

So Hi,

Recently i've started working on an executable for windows that obtains buttons from QuickDMX via a TCP Connection. Allowing to connect, get pages and buttons and click on/off buttons in live control.

The project has just begun and the features are still limited but nevertheless i'd like to share it with you guys that might be interested.
You can watch / fork the project on github or just download the executable for testing / using.
https://github.com/Marthaarman/QuickDMX ... or-Windows

New updates coming soon i hope!

1. i'm just a beginner in c# coding, so that could explain a lot ;)
2. If this is not allowed please let me know and i'll shut it down.
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Re: QuickDMX Remote for Windows

Postby support » 04 January 2020, 19:21

If you use this protocol https://thelightingcontroller.com/viewt ... =72&t=4183, no problem.
Your project is welcome.
Thank you for sharing.
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