Live Mobile V3 - Unable to connect to Live V8

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Live Mobile V3 - Unable to connect to Live V8

Postby Pitwipe » 27 January 2019, 20:41

Does the Live Mobile v3.0 Beta allow connection to all versions of ShowXpress (v8/v9)?
I have both versions of Live Mobile installed (v2.4.2/V3) on the same device, which based on a locked post is permissible. I'm currently able to connect to ShowXpress with the v2.4.2 Live Mobile app (Android) but keep getting the error "Alert Unable to connect To Live (HTTP)" when attempting to connect from the v3.0 beta. I've read through the thread below: ... 2da8f6108c

- I have restarted ShowXpress (multiple times) whenever this option is changed: Preferences \ Network \ External App. (See attached picture)
- External control enabled in Live Settings (see attached picture)
- Same local router (192.168.1.x .110=Computer with ShowXpress, .108=Tablet with Live Mobile v3 Beta and v2.4.2)
- V2.4.2 and v3 beta are not running at the same time when trying to connect. Went as far as uninstalling v2.4.2 and rebooting Android tablet and trying to reconnect with v3.0 and it still failed to connect.
- I can ping tablet from windows (10) host. (have not installed any apps to try and ping from tablet to Windows 10 / ShowXpress host)
- Port numbers are identical on ShowXpress and both Live Mobile versions (7348)
- ** Completely disabled firewall on Windows 10 host and still could not connect with v3 beta. When trying to connect with v2.4.2, with firewall disabled, the app hung on the tablet.. no response or error. I stopped and restarted ShowXpress with firewall now disabled and was able to resume connection with the v2.4.2 app but still no connection with the v3.0 beta.
- Also rebooted Windows 10 / ShowXpress computer as last attempt, still no luck.

I've tried with two Android devices:
1) Google Nexus 9, Android 7.1.1
2) Samsung Galaxy S8, Android 8.0.0

I feel like I've missed something simple, any suggestions?

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Re: Beta 3.0 - Alert: Unable to connect To Live (HTTP)

Postby support » 27 January 2019, 23:01

Live Mobile V3 works exclusively with the software V9.
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