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Love the Spot Duo support

Postby fabio1605 » 01 December 2015, 15:53


Love the spot duo feature!! absoltuly brillant works with the generator too which is nice! no more messing about.

Am i right in saying the 3d view isnt aswell supported as it only shows one moving head in there? which is fine its a step in the right direction at least and will make life so much easier.
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Re: Love the Spot Duo support

Postby support » 04 December 2015, 08:04

Thank you for your feedback.
And sorry for the delay of our answer.
Nice to hear we are going on the right way with multi-pan/tilt fixtures.

Yes, 3DView is not able to show such fixtures. We are waiting V8 is stable, in order to think about doing a major new version of 3DView. The multi-pan/tilt management will be included in this future major version.
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